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Failure Happens Once; Success Must Be Repeated

While I was sitting in my car outside the fabric shop, listening to a podcast and waiting for my daughter to wake up from her car-induced nap; something on the podcast made me think. Funny that.

It was talking about achieving balance, and how we never really do, or if we do it's fleeting, and then we have to try again and again. And it got me thinking about how I heard a similar message other places. In, sigh, Harry Potter (which I'm rereading pre-movie) Dumbledore mentions how you have to keep fighting evil. It's been mentioned in other books, and shows I've seen - I can't recall specifically but my brain wants to list Buffy, Babylon 5, and Lord of the Rings. Over and over, it is mentioned how good things, or just 'good' in general, must be accomplished repeatedly, but failing only takes once.

Oh! Now I recall another related mention. I flipped past a documentary on US National Parks, and they quoted... some important guy in Parks history... as saying roughly 'It only takes one swing of the saw for us to lose it, but to kept it, we must keep fighting'.

So it got me thinking, is there any 'good' thing, positive thing, that you only have to achieve once and then it's done? Or are they all things you must keep achieving?

In thought,

- April

Londos_girl's picture

That's deep...

Off the top of my head, the only things you need to "achieve" once are things you acquire - the new couch, etc. Or things you create (writing, painting...). But even the things you create - most people continue to tweak them, improve them, not let them rest.

Most things that are worthwhile need to be achieved, or worked at, constantly. Like relationships - needing attention to flourish, or even maintain. Even jobs - you might find a great job, but you need to keep on achieving everyday to keep the boss happy.



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