Poem 13 - Pondering from my Pedals

When I ride my bicycle
I have to think like a car
For my rules are the same rules
Though they don't get me very far

I ride along the right-hand side
And signal when I turn
But when it's dark or busy
I do not want to get burned

Sometimes upon the sidewalk
I take my trusty bike
Sometimes I even walk it
The way the rules would like

But when it's just a little bit
Or I have to catch my kid
I just keep a-ridin'
You know that's what I did

And when it's dark and spooky
Or the traffic comes in droves
I'll cross upon the crosswalk
So I don't get KO'd

It gets a little trickier
When I'm biking with ma fille
I want to keep her safe and sound
Teach her to follow rules, you see

But when they are colliding
The choice isn't that hard to make
What point in following silly rules
When a precious life is at stake?