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Who's your Favourite?

I'm curious to know which character, or characters, folks are liking? Or liking to loathe, as the case may be.

My favourite is Decentius, though right now he is proving the hardest to write for. I thought Antonius was going to be far more difficult to write than he has been.

Jan Oda's picture

Decentius scores high

Decentius scores high definitely, but I think so far my favorite must be the maggiordomo... He's a little mysterious (like how did he became a servanti, and why isn't he with his master?) and I'm pretty sure he's the smartest person in the house. I like how he's a little smug at times.

About Decentius, I'd vote him as my favorite, but ever since he's been transformed I can't seem to read him properly, it's like his personality has been erased and hasn't been replaced by a new one completely yet. But I'm sure that's coming!
I'm very curious about the other opinions!

april.raines's picture

Maggiordomo, hey?

That sounds like a great bonus story topic! I'll be setting up a points forum today or tomorrow, and you can add that as a suggestion.

As for Decentius, your inability to read him properly may well be related to my feeling not quite there with writing him. I think I'm being too subtle. Going to go back and tweek a line in 9.3, see if that helps.



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Teaser for this week:
I decided to take it as a compliment, it would help keep me from beating Antonius where he stood.

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