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Poem #24 - Risen from the Earth

Once upon a time rising from the grave
was a thing of power, divinity
made flesh. Now it's a thing of horror shows.
Instead of gods showing their power to
worshipping mortal hordes, you get
lessons in the consequences of
unnatural behaviour - not Lazarus,
but Dr. Frankenstein's monster and friends.
"'Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!'"
becomes a scream, 'Run for your lives people!'
Not gods putting things right that once went wrong,
but foolish mortals greedy for power.
Once the goddess's husband-son came back,
now bunnies and eggies melt in your mouth.

Poem #23 - Time Travel

a single speck of sunlight
touches generations
a TARDIS in the yard

Poem #22 - The Great Cloth Diaper Change

We changed a cloth diaper today,
it's something we do quite often
with little thought to its sway.

It isn't that we couldn't pay
for the ones you chuck in the bin,
but we changed a cloth diaper today.

When my first was just a bébé
the decision was easy - pin -
with little thought to its sway.

But then you watch the kids at play
and see that yours is not what's in,
still we changed a cloth diaper today.

It's odd, the things that seem passé,
and how you decided what will win
with little thought to its sway.

Poem #21 - About Doctors

Ever since I was little
I've always liked doctors
or the ones on TV anyhow

First came the one in blue - McCoy
the first of my medical loves
then there was Howser and Quincy, M.E.

Not till much older came ER
and cranky, limping House
or silly resident Scrubs

But in all this time I never
had met him - the one, the only
The Doctor

One vague memory of black and white
of fearful robot things
thinking he was too scary

But now this doctor - The Doctor -
is brave and wise and clever
He solves his problems with his mind,
not a gun, so I can watch him

Poem #20 - Earth Day

earth rolled back
sod removed
grass gone
a space of blank dirt
covered with cardboard

frame the space
pound in stakes
and fill it up
with soil
for something new

dull, unwanted grass
with dirt
hoping, someday,
to be a garden

Poem #19

waiting on hold
minutes to pay for minutes
nine of waiting
one of work

Poem #18 - Headache

too much sugar means
mommy does not have patience
for screaming children
two in chorus fill the house
with sounds of mother's failure

Poem #17 - I Sat Down to Write a Poem, Then the Screaming Began

You'd think at five
she'd know that when you tackle
your baby brother
he screams
and you get in trouble

You'd think at five
she'd learn
from the constant repetition
of 'gentle'

You'd think at five
she could remember these things
for more than
one minute

But then,
it's a long time
since you were five

Poem #16 - A Mother's Guilt

I will remember
the moment it caught his foot
when I felt him twist
and the sudden thunk at the end

I will remember
horror at a bloody face
shame at causing pain
and shock that was me

I will remember
twenty minutes of screaming
being glad there were no teeth
and a lip too swollen to nurse

I will remember these things
but he
he has long since forgotten

Poem #15 - Her First Competition

front jump straight
just going right on in
the water

front jump tuck
bring the knees up
tap hands on ankles

front jump pike
legs out straight
touch the toes

one blue shirt
she's a diver now


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