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Poem 25 - Linear Pairs

A quirky old mathematician
found something is his I
It growled quite alarmingly:
a Snarlier Pi

Unwilling to admit his error
the Prof made a new lens
Now no one would question his find:
a Lair Ripens

He tore through his lab in a fury
to not let evidence slip
Then he found a secret weapon:
Arsenal I Rip

It wasn't a gun or a math ray
more a talkative spur
Something to distract from his failing:
Alien Rap Sir

But his colleagues weren't that foolish
They saw through the spin
and awarded him one just like theirs:
Alias Err Pin

Poem 24 - Free?

the illusion
of choice
outside the cage
with an open door

Poem 23 - Turbulence

buy chicken food
go to swimming lesson
rush home, eat, then go out to Sparks

Poem 22 - An Insufficient Truth

picking up litter
keep the earth clean and healthy
basic skills undone
more R's than three are needed
garbage overflows
a disposable culture
wastes itself today
nature balances our greed
with or without us
an insufficient truth comes:
we cannot stay what we are

Poem 21 - Burns Bog

resplendent in mud
and rain, the mossy forest
breathes life for us all

Poem 20 - A Run for Two

On an early morning in April
Folks big and small go for a run
For some a race, for some a thrill

Daddy has done it since before she was one
This race around the park
Now the not-so-little girl wants in the fun

Up so early that its still dark
She dashes to get on her racing clothes
Ready and eating fast as a shark

Daddy is downstairs stretching to his toes
She waits patiently for her ride
Til Daddy is done and it's time to go

With other families they wait outside
Her first run with her Daddy
That she wants to brings me pride

Poem 19 - Pecking Order

morning sun rises
quietly peeping birds awake
for them day starts now
kept inside by sleeping humans
not rising with dawn
the ramp will not be lowered yet
at what cost delay?
one set of rumpled tail feathers
on a nearly denuded bum

Poem 18 - Two Down

Going about today's business
Eyeglasses achievement unlocked
Extra - new comics set aside
Knew that we wanted to read them

Chapter 18: Decentius Uncovers a Mystery - Part 4

I decided to take it as a compliment, it would help keep me from beating Antonius where he stood. I turned my attention to Nikolaos, not wanting to tempt myself further with Antonius and his insolence.

“And what did you see?” I asked.

Poem 17 - Pro-D Day

Today will be an adventure
It's two on one today
How to keep them busy? I'm unsure
Today will be an adventure
Now - creativity holds its sway
Later - whose meltdowns will come this day?
Today will be an adventure
It's two on one today


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Teaser for this week:
I decided to take it as a compliment, it would help keep me from beating Antonius where he stood.

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