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Poem 13 - Pondering from my Pedals

When I ride my bicycle
I have to think like a car
For my rules are the same rules
Though they don't get me very far

I ride along the right-hand side
And signal when I turn
But when it's dark or busy
I do not want to get burned

Sometimes upon the sidewalk
I take my trusty bike
Sometimes I even walk it
The way the rules would like

But when it's just a little bit
Or I have to catch my kid
I just keep a-ridin'
You know that's what I did

And when it's dark and spooky
Or the traffic comes in droves
I'll cross upon the crosswalk
So I don't get KO'd

Poem 12 - Looking for Work

When one job ends we have to wait
Hoping for something of equal weight
The in-between is hard to bear
It can leave our souls feeling bare
And suffering excessive wear
Each time we ask ourselves 'Now where?'
When the answer does arise
Then our spirits start to rise

Poem 11- Flour Fail

Spelt flour, heavy and old
Does not rise yeasty and bold
It sits in the pot - I fold
'No pizza' everyone's told

Poem 10 - Thoughts on Poetry

I like to write my poems in meter
I think that a rhyme makes poems sweeter
A beat, a buzz, and a vibe that you feel
Are some of the things that make poetry real
When a wave washes across your ear
It isn't a 'W' that you hear
But the sounds of the sea come from letters
Like horses once free from their fetters
Now swimming from island to island
A good metaphor is your closest friend
And holds you tight as the teardrops fall
An image you can't escape from at all
A good poet makes use of their licence
For what is sound without a little sense?

Poem 9 - Jesus Christ Superstar

When a bus stops in the desert
And a bunch of hippies pile out
Some indolent, some arrogant
Some with oversize sunglasses
And a whole lot with big ass 'fro
Just one of them will be the star

Watching Jesus Christ Superstar
As they run about the desert
The blackest guy - who's got no 'fro -
Is the one that's most put out
Long since lost his rosy glasses
His certainty rings arrogant

But which one is arrogant?
The Betrayer or the Superstar?
The indolent man with his glasses
of wine, afloat in the desert?
The Roman, who seems rather put out

Poem 8 - Baby Presents

When the baby hands you something
Even if it's round and brown
And you know he didn't find all
The Easter eggs, that little line
Might not be peanut butter smash
Perhaps you'd better take a sniff
And not just pop it in your mouth.

Poem 7 - Haiku

Puffy pink flowers
Adorning my cherry tree
Make a sweet haiku

Poem 6 - Senryu

It's not a haiku
Even if all the syllables
Line up properly

Poem 5 - Company

The 'rents are here
And my home feels awkward
The 'rents are here
Which is quite dear
For the kids it's a reward
To have adults who are not bored
The 'rents are here

Poem 4 - #AndSoToBed

The day is long, and I am tired
This often seems to be the case
No matter what each day required

If this were a job, I'd be fired
There's no energy to give chase
The day is long, and I am tired

I wish that I could be rewired
So that I could always keep pace
No matter what each day required

But sadly, now my brain is fried,
It all just seems a murky haze
The day is long, and I am tired

A great to-do list keeps me mired
In thoughts that run around in place
No matter what each day required

One day abed just sounds inspired
To help this laziness erase


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