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Poem 2 - Spring Colours

Cherry blossoms on my tree
Puffy, pink and small their bloom
Springtime comes to welcome us
Before blossoms start to fall
Splashes decorating hair
Tendrils pink fall past her 'lobes
Cheery colour for springtime

ancreontic poem

Poem 1 - Caged

Within my ribs is caged a heartache
The emptiness filling and tightening
A muscle of emotion cannot break,
Only squeeze and pound in fruitless longing
To be known, not hidden, but awake
Open to trust those I love with sharing
But now I hold an old bear to my chest,
Blue and squished, well-worn from my caress.

NaPoWriMo 2012

NaPoWriMo happens every April. Hmm, isn't that convenient.


Poem #30 - Endings

tantrum subsided
through snuggles and story time
now we go to bed

Poem #29 - Preparing for the Future

post-apocalyptic check list

sewing - check
knitting - check
garden - in progress
bike repair - need to learn
canned food - some
water - uhh, in the tap?
sleeping bags - check
tent - very big and heavy
hunting stuff - what? what now?

umm, change that

post-apocalyptic check list
go to Yarrow

Poem #28 - My Day

I will stop and have a Kashmir tea
I will take a moment to write
I will enjoy the sunshine
I will bake a cake and ice it
I will wear my 'Roots' proudly
I will enjoy my family
I will have a quiet moment just for me

is my day

Poem #27 - Three for Life


In several rows with weeds between
I'm trying to grow something green
So that, for once, I will know
Where it came from when it did grow


On this fair step I fall quite short
Too reliant on cars for support
I need to get my ass in gear
So the air I breathe remains clear


It's falling from the sky today
And never seems to go away
One day it might be toxic I heard
The thought seems patently absurd
But I put the feces down the drain
So they don't get washed away with rain

Three things are most vital -
Yet I wonder where they'll be

Poem #26 - Nothing in the Fridge

with a sleeping baby
no time for shopping

Poem #25 - Today it is Spring

the incessant pitter patter
of rain on my roof
is only slightly quieter
than my daughter's running feet

Poem #24 - Risen from the Earth

Once upon a time rising from the grave
was a thing of power, divinity
made flesh. Now it's a thing of horror shows.
Instead of gods showing their power to
worshipping mortal hordes, you get
lessons in the consequences of
unnatural behaviour - not Lazarus,
but Dr. Frankenstein's monster and friends.
"'Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!'"
becomes a scream, 'Run for your lives people!'
Not gods putting things right that once went wrong,
but foolish mortals greedy for power.
Once the goddess's husband-son came back,
now bunnies and eggies melt in your mouth.


Latest update: The Shadows of Sicily | Chapter 18: Decentius Uncovers a Mystery - Part 4

GURD 2108 | Bit 11

Poetry | NaPoWriMo 2014 - Poem 29 - Done?

Teaser for this week:
I decided to take it as a compliment, it would help keep me from beating Antonius where he stood.

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