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Poem 11 - Pain

A sign of sadness - tears falling fast
Because it hurts when things do not last
Whatever we did, whatever they hid
Pain is not forgetful of the past

Poem 10 - When Will High School End?

When does high school end, I wonder?
When will the drama begin to slumber?
Did I summon this drama myself?
Would things be easier if I were an elf?
Why does each hit feel like thunder?

Can stirring up emotions be a kind of plunder?
Will hurting someone else tear your heart asunder?
When do we stop lying to ourself?
When does high school end?

Is there a spell that we're all under?
Is it a cosmic human blunder?
Can we leave drama upon the shelf?
Can we each be true to ourself
Without putting another under?
When will high school end?

Poem 9 - Not Yet

It is best to let go
But I'm not there yet
If there's one thing I know:
It is best to let go
Say goodbye, and don't fret
When it's gone, there's no threat
It is best to let go
But I'm not there yet

Poem 8 - Crack

My bed is warm
Open eyes blink
Rest. just a little more, please
Now I must rise
It's time to get started
New light through the window
Getting today started

Poem 7 - Not My Palley

There are some things I don't comprehend:
Universal mysteries, my child's moods,
The actions of an inconsistent friend

A broken bond takes time to mend
It can't be simply patched and glued
There are some things I don't comprehend

If you think you're right and will not bend
Will you another's point of view include?
The actions of an inconsistent friend

Say the right words and pretend -
Those things will not fix the feud
There are some things I don't comprehend

Do you care, the bridge to mend?
Or just to preserve how you are viewed?

Poem 6 - Instead, I Create

The hour grows late
And I should be in bed
Instead, I create

Tiredness awaits
My eyes within my head
The hour grows late

My unwillingness I restate
The clock fills me with dread
Instead, I create

I contemplate
What brings this stead?
The hour grows late

Thoughts with staggering gait
And convoluted tread
Instead, I create

Resting is my fate
Blinking, blue turns red
The hour grows late
Instead, I create

Poem 5 - My Spring

It seems never-ending - rain
My hand out, I feel splatters
Black is the pavement
The thawing of the iceways
Add to the lakes that form
Weather as inclement as
When natural disasters weren't - an I
For an eye - though humanity will slumber
Until the great alarm bells spring
And the air fills with 'is' -
Something is imminent

Poem 4 - Hike for Hunger

Let's go walk in the park today
Concrete gives way to nature's array
A meandering line of girls and boys
All uniformed without their toys
Having given some food away

Little birds their chirps display
As we hike along our way
The umbrella yet to deploy
Let's go walk

Children with spare time to play
With so much spare to give away
If we give, will it annoy?
Or bring another hope, or joy?
There's many things that we could say
Let's go walk

Poem 3 - Charming

Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Did you dance a circle in the rain?
Is it, perhaps, not plugged in?
Is there a freckle on your chin?
Have you done these things in sequence three?
Then I've no clue, don't ask me!

(my writing site is down, I know not why
so I have spit in the poetry god's eye)

Poem 2 - Past and Future

Going camping
Into the forest
Reality at our backs
Life seems sharper

Going camping
Under starlit skies
In front of a crackling fire
Demons emerge raw
Each new challenge
Saved by the bonds of sisterhood


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