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A is for Acrostic, B is for Ballad


Trials of Honour
Part the First, Honour and the Slavers

Knocked unconscious, they awaken
Four strangers on the floor
Elven mage, human girl, small bard,
Warrior of Honour

Everyone awakes on their back
Each searches pockets, bags
Things are missing, weapons taken
All valuables are snagged!

The Honourable Warrior
Requests companions' names
Elven mage and small bard answer
The girl silent remains.

Silent she watches the mage go
Door opens from outside
With little in hand they depart
The door left open wide.

Up the hall more prisoners are found
Honour demands them free
Dishonourable the knowledge
He cannot do the deed!

Isn't it amazing, honour?
How strange it seems to me
That for honour to be reckoned
One must dishon'rable be!

So the Honourable Warrior
Holds up the halfling high
The prisoners are let out and free,
A guard goes strolling by.

His name is Tim, he helps them out
Supplies are found, returned
To all; Rejoice we have weapons!
Now for a plan to learn.

One yell to upstairs and they come
Part way down fall asleep
Honour wakes one, "what is upstairs?"
Captain, crew, servant sheep.

Near the stairtop are officers
Honour's Own will attack
Many cower in the corner
Silent girl guards his back.

Obscuring smoke and magic spells
The crew do fire drills!
Honour kills the slaving bastards
Their blood on the floor spills

Unclear what they should do, the crew
Follow halfling logic
Honour tries to reason with them,
Crew stands still as a stick.

Round about the bow they gather
Honour wants to free slaves
Flag officers to be dealt with,
Send slavers to their graves!

An officer coming forward
"Death to dishon'rable!"
Flashing swords like bolts of lightning,
Fighting like they were bulls!

Blood and gore soak in the planking.
Drunk, sleeping Captain lies.
Honour wakes him, mage ensnares him
"Chart the ship till shore's spied!"

Let the crew go, let the slaves go
Now at dock and freedom
Honour leads them, Honour freed them,
He comes to new kingdom.

Every obstacle overthrown
Honour and strangers free
Slavers taught a special lesson
Not to dishon'rable be!


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