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Poem 3 - Garden, Garden, Garden - Eat!

The dirt is dug and dampened from rain
My garden is growing as the ground is renewed
Spinach is sprouting though springtime has not
I'm waiting for warmth to welcome more seeds
Beans begin better when temperatures rise
Tomatoes can't tolerate when temperatures are low
So I wait till the weather is warmer to let them grow
Pumpkins have planted their personal seeds last fall
And carrots are currently not acclimatized to the rain
But springtime will spring very soon and I'll plant
Various veggies all vetted for the table
Grown in my garden as green as I'm able
Will make the best munchies and marvelous dinners!

This is a form of poem called 'Bang, Bang, Bang - Crash!' It has 3 alliterative beats, and one not.


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