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Poem 9 - Jesus Christ Superstar

When a bus stops in the desert
And a bunch of hippies pile out
Some indolent, some arrogant
Some with oversize sunglasses
And a whole lot with big ass 'fro
Just one of them will be the star

Watching Jesus Christ Superstar
As they run about the desert
The blackest guy - who's got no 'fro -
Is the one that's most put out
Long since lost his rosy glasses
His certainty rings arrogant

But which one is arrogant?
The Betrayer or the Superstar?
The indolent man with his glasses
of wine, afloat in the desert?
The Roman, who seems rather put out
when his subjects' minds go to and fro?

When opinions go to and fro
Who is the one that's arrogant?
A peaceful message, it started out,
Til it's leader became a star
Then chaos came to the desert
Because joy scant fills any glasses

Amid the shattering glasses
A torn man runs to and fro
Wondering which to desert
and thinking he's not arrogant
wanting to stop the Superstar
and just get the message out

But there's more that's getting out
Jesus doesn't have rosy glasses
He knows there's a setting of each star
Complaining won't take his pain fro
His once disciples think him arrogant
So he hangs alone in the desert


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