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The Ballad of Jan and April - Part 4

And with a gasp, Jan points her out -
the witch is up ahead.
With a cackling turn, she wraps her hands
around the silver thread.

The witch now has the thread in hand
and gives it quite a yank.
Our two go spinning through the web,
and end below her shank.

From on the non-existent floor
our two look crossly up
to see the smirking witch’s face
begin its change abruptly.

From a gaunt and green expression
grow many horrid eyes;
a centre with optic tendrils
is what our two now spy.

In her hand Jan holds the node point,
April’s got her chair leg.
With a hand on the silver wire,
the future is less vague.

Jan holds the node point tight and hums,
its crystal starts to flash.
Swinging from the silvery trace,
April’s chair leg will slash.

The witchy optic tendrils slide
to encircle our pair.
With slashing leg April will cut
as many as she dare.

With flashing silver node in hand
our Jan begins to chant:
‘Oh bind this witch into her web!
And let her none enchant!’

The witch’s big green glowing eye
begins to stare at Jan.
Luminescent tears engulf it!
What means this for our plan?

While Jan gets her magic mojo on,
April will dry the tears.
She’s only get the chair leg, though,
no optic tendril shears.

So swing the chair leg at the eye,
it’s sure to dry it out.
Then swing it ‘round about the head,
while Jan begins to shout.

“Oh bind this witch into her web!
And let her none enchant!”
The recitation continues
but Jan begins to pant.

Some tendrils slid about her waist
and try to take her breath.
With just one hand to free herself,
and distraction means death.


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