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Chapter 15: Claudia and the Roman - Part 3

“Greetings, fair mortals, on this most illustrious of evenings,” Dionysus began. “You have gathered here to see a spectacle rarely beheld by mortal eyes.” He strode about the stage, jerking his head to look out toward the audience every few steps. “Few of you are worthy of such great a gift on your own, it seems, so before we begin, there must be a blessing.”

One of the wine robed priests stepped forward, and I heard the sounds of rumbling from the edge of the theatre. Two more priests appeared, rolling a large cask of wine toward the stage. “Tonight we give thanks to Dionysus for the spectacle we are about to see, and hope it pleases him. Drink, you wretched mortals and be raised for viewing, that you might better comprehend his madness!”

At this the audience members sprang to their feet and darted towards the priests with the keg. I chuckled, and noted that Vita and I were among the few madmen. I peered toward those calm folk nearest us, wondering if they too were not mortal.

Vita stood, offering me his arm. “Shall we taste what this god has to offer? I confess, I wonder if it is as tasty as other immortal food.” His smile crinkled the corners of his eyes, and I laughed.

“I am doubtful,” I replied, “but I confess curiosity as well.” I took Vita’s arm and we strode towards the mass of mortality huddled around the wine keg. It was amusing to watch as they parted for us, barely seeming aware that we approached yet instinctively moving to allow us room to pass.

“Two,” Vita said when we reached the priests. They scrambled for glasses, picking up not the rude clay vessels that were dolled out to the others, but two sparkling silver ones. I noted a few more of the silver cups among the chaos. A good way to find the others who had remained calm for future reference.

We stood amidst the renewed chaos, admiring our silver cups and smiling at each other. I held Vita’s gaze as I ran a finger around the rim of the cup. He chuckled, then sipped his wine. I sipped my own. It was neither horrid, nor wonderful, but that acceptable mediocrity that many among the throng would be unfamiliar with.

Vita raised a brow, nodding toward me.

I shrugged a single shoulder. “Acceptable,” I murmured. He nodded in response.

Our tastes taken, we wove our way back to our seats through the parting throng. I refrained from laughing at their antics, but I noticed Vita’s shoulders shaking as we passed by a couple who seemed to have spilled their wine upon each other in their haste. Now they were wrapped together trying to lick each drop of wine from the other’s skin. I was sure Dionysus was pleased by their casual ecstasy.

Once we were seated, Vita began to look about as he sipped. He dipped his head in acknowledgement occasionally, and smiled even more often. It was difficult to follow where he looked, but I caught at least three men bowing or nodding in his direction. Most were older, with decorated tunics that spoke of rich merchants or low nobles, but one was young and plainly dressed. He interested me far more than the men of obvious power. He did not look Greek, his hair was light and his skin pale. I wondered if he was someone’s slave.

Vita glanced over at the throng milling about the wine keg, and chuckled. I turned to see what amused him. The two who had been licking the wine from each other were now having sex there in the middle of the auditorium. Half the throng had stopped to watched, some pouring their wine on the ground in amazement, some savouring both the wine and the spectacle. The other half was studiously avoiding the area, neither moving nor looking towards it. I laughed, too.

“Do you think there will be any true show this evening, or is this it?” Vita asked.

I shook my head. “This is a true honour to Dionysus, surely, but I suspect the priests have more up their sleeves.”

“Priests usually do,” he replied.

We finished our wine. The ecstatic screams of the copulating couple rang in our ears, as everyone else seemed to fall silent. Vita moved closer to me, and wrapped his free arm around my shoulder. I leaned against him.

As the orgiastic cries faded, the last of the throng returned to their seats and the priests began to roll away the empty keg. The priest in the white robe, the one who was embodying Dionysus, returned to the stage. “Ah, but that was wonderous spectacle! It warms my cock to see such enthusiasm! I hope you have some left for the show!” And with that, one of the other priests sounded a large gone and the true show began.

It was not nearly as spectacular as the pre-theatre activities, but it was amusing. There was a story of a boy driven mad by his lust for his father’s new wife. The priest who played the wife was pretty enough, but his hesitance at the husband touches, and his fumbling with the lusty son were far more awkward than any true woman. But then, I doubted this boy had known a true woman. Like many Greeks, he was more worried about the attentions of his patrons than practicing for the wife he would one day have.

Vita chuckled when the son began to seduce his stepmother. He sipped his wine and pulled me into his lap. The people beside us barely shifted in their seats, they seemed to find the action on stage far more thrilling than Vita did.

I slid my hands up his legs, lifting the bottom edge of his tunic slightly, before settling more comfortably onto his lap and his fully engorged penis. I spun my own wine in its cup as I worked my hips in circles.

Vita gasped and clutched his wine tighter. It was lucky he did not have one of the clay cups or it would have shattered under the force of his grip. I felt his efforts to calm himself as I continued, slowly and steadily, in circles on his lap. He did not have Decentius’ level of self control, but he managed well enough, at least until he finished his wine.

Once the wine was done, Vita only had the theatre in front of him to distract from my efforts, and its themes did not help. As the boy prostrated himself at his stepmother’s feet begging her to let him make love to her, Vita slipped his hand under my skirt. My legs were already spread, and his fingers moved quickly to my mound. Unfortunately for him, this only made my movements faster.

Perhaps the boy who played the wife did a better job than I give him credit for, as Vita grabbed me and began to thrust forcefully just as the boy began to scream in what was supposed to be pleasure, but sounded far more like pain.

“Will you scream as loud as him?” Vita growled in my ear.

I chuckled. “No.”

“You will!”


He tried. Yes, Vita tried very hard to make scream. His hands went mad on my mound and nipples, and he sucked my throat until it was nearly as red as my dress, but I just sighed and let out a soft chuckle.

All his previous self control was gone. Vita pounded me until the end of the show. He did not stop until those near us stood to applaud. Then he let himself come and dumped me off his lap. I stood and applauded like all the rest, as did Vita moments later.

As we left, we passed the priests who had been acting. I smiled at the boy who had been playing the wife. “Come by sometime and see me. I’ll show you how a real woman acts.”

He blinked several times, and blushed, before muttering, “If my patron allows.”

Before I could further discomfort the boy, Vita grabbed my ass and began steering me out of the amphitheater. When we reached the carruca, he pulled me into his lap once more. It was fortunate his slave was well trained, as Vita pounded me all the way back to the brothel. “To the back,” he said to his slave as we drew near.

Vita did not stop when the carruca did, but lifted me up keeping himself fully inside me. Only Benedetta was in the kitchen when he burst through the door carrying me in front of him like some sort of personal masthead. He took the stairs three at a time, and went straight to my room. Bent over my bed, I continued to receive Vita’s pounding.

When he had come once again, he sat softly beside me upon my bed. “Forgive me, Signora, for my horrid manners. It appears Dionysus has infected me with his especial madness.”

I bent my head demurely. “Dionysus seemed to have a strong effect this evening.”

“True, but it is no excuse for failing to serve you as a proper man should,” Vita replied.

“The night is yet young,” I said.

“Indeed,” said Vita, and he smiled. He lifted of first his tunic, then ran his hands slowly up my thighs to lift off my stola. Perched above me, he smiled softly before thrusting into me. This time he moved slowly, and his mouth moved in concert with his thrusts. Lips and tongue tracing my throat, my breasts, my nipples, and finally opening my mouth with his. When our tongues met, he began to move faster.

He was good, I would give him that. When I let out a soft grunt of pleasure, he slowed his thrusts until I grabbed his ass with both hands and knees to force him in, hard. There was no reason for me not to enjoy my work.

We both enjoyed ourselves, several times over, before the earliest of morning birds began to chirp outside my window.

Vita looked up from where he knelt between my legs. “It would seem it is time for me to be going, Signora. It would not do to be here while I sleep.”

I propped myself up on my elbows. “It would not. Your man is likely still out back. Will you need assistance in getting safely home?” I had not paid enough attention to his carruca to notice if there was space to protect from sunlight.

Vita shook his head. “It is well in hand, Signora. I thank you for your concern.” He rose and donned his tunic. I stayed where I was as his eyes were resting squarely on my loins, and his tongue was licking the taste of me from his lips. “I shall return two nights hence. I will wish to talk, then, though there may be time for... other things.” He smiled and met my eyes. “I am most pleased to have so thoroughly made your acquaintance, Antonia.”

I rose and kissed him softly on the cheek. “And I yours, Vita.”


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