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The Shadows of Sicily

There are three of us. One lost everything and was born again into the night. The second was already a lady of the night when it embraced her. The third feeds on darkness and delivers anger and death.

We three disparate Shadows can only fight each other, until a larger threat looms; the threat of Rome. Together we will turn Rome from the light and make it face it's Shadow.

The Shadows of Sicily is usually updated on Thursday or Friday.

Note: This is the first draft of the story. I appreciate any feedback which will help me improve it.

The Shadows of Sicily is a partially experimental format. Although told from the perspective of three different characters, it is entirely in the first person. Who is speaking in a Chapter or Part is indicated in the title. If one character is speaking for the entire Chapter, their name will be in the Chapter title. If multiple characters speak in a Chapter, which character is speaking for a specific Part will be indicated after the Part number.

This story is largely dark. I've rated it 18A for violence, sexuality, and mature content. Mostly the violence. Please do not read it if you are under 18 - or whatever your local 'adult' age is. Try GURD 2108 instead.

Hope you enjoy!


to Daniel Kline, the first incarnation of Numerius Decentius. He said "Go for it!" I have.


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