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Chapter 13: Decentius Takes a Meeting - Part 2

When I arose the next evening, Antonius was lounging against my bedpost while Nikolaos stood by, glancing surreptiously about the room. In the shadows near the door I made out another form, Kyrios.

“Evening,” Antonius grunted the moment my head began to rise. “I hear there’s no rest for the wicked.” He grinned.

I raised a brow and held Antonius’ gaze until he shrugged. “Nothing this time, Dio. Well,” he grinned, “nothing I wasn’t asked to do.”

The First Holiday Story

The first of the bonus holiday stories is done. I know must brush off my Speech Arts skills and practice my dramatic reading so that I can record it for the Weblit-tle Town of Festivity podio collection.

Chapter 12: Claudia Antonia Gets to Business - Part 3

The look on Diamantina’s face was worth more denarii than she would see in a lifetime. “D...d..don..bu...but how?” Her hands flailed about her head as words failed her, not at all a ladylike sight.

I smiled. It was not a question I was going to answer, either they would figure it out or they would not; I would offer no assistance. I did not think it likely Cloelie would either, and I would make certain Calictus did not. But that was for later.

Chapter 11: Antonius Goes to Town - Part 4

It seemed Cloelie was to be inducted into the brothel, and as I was the only available male, Donna Antonia used me as her teaching tool demonstrating techniques of pleasure that taxed my control to it’s extreme. Donna Antonia would demonstrate, amusement and pleasure rippling from her at my response, and then Cloelie would copy, disgust and pleasure rippling from her at my response. It was good Decentius had given me the vial, or I would not have had the energy to protect them from a cat.

Chapter 10: Decentius Makes Contact - Part 4

Cloelie’s arm was warm on mine; I felt her racing pulse through my cold skin. I watched her dark curls bounce as she pulled me along, not with enthusiasm as Zoe once had but with determination, and a perverse desire to be out of Antonius’ vicinity as quickly as she could. We went down one hall I was certain I’d never before entered; I marked its location as an excellent place to find unwary slaves.

GURD 2108 and a poem

Hey folks!

This week has been a doozy - and it ain't done yet. I'm not sure when The Shadows of Sicily will update this week, but it won't be til Friday at the earliest. I'm hoping to get in some writing time while personning the table at VCon.

Bit 9

Parker looked around as he stepped in. One large room encompassed kitchen, eating area and living area. Jonah and the two boys Parker had seen yesterday were seated at the wooden table shoveling down oatmeal with flecks of fruit. “Want some?” Jonah asked, gesturing with his spoon toward the kitchen.

Parker shook his head. “No thanks, Gail and I already made some in the Common House, thanks to Jules.”


Latest update: The Shadows of Sicily | Chapter 18: Decentius Uncovers a Mystery - Part 4

GURD 2108 | Bit 11

Poetry | NaPoWriMo 2014 - Poem 29 - Done?

Teaser for this week:
I decided to take it as a compliment, it would help keep me from beating Antonius where he stood.

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