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Poem 15 - Truth In Advertising

This is not me, I do not yell
Relentless as an alarm bell
Unknown who is this horrid mom
This is not me, I do not yell
How hard is it to get to school, tell?

Lay down those toys, now listen please
I need to brush your teeth with ease
Each time I call, no answer comes
So your attention I will seize

Make each morning more stressful still
Open the cupboard and let it spill
This is not me, I do not yell
Hurry now to beat the bell
Each time I call, no answer comes
Release me from this pounding drum
Hurry now to beat the bell
Open the cupboard and let it spill

Poem 14 - Economics

The sun does shine
on fields of snow
The grass is brown
Everywhere I go

The sky is blue
The clouds are pink
It's a little Seuss
Well, what do you think?

The pavement's white
My bike is orange
I can pedal fast
And that isn't strange

A bunch of things
that could be so
Are they now?
Do you know?

Poem 13 - Rain

Rain all around
umbrellas here
at sea

This poem is an erasure.

Poem 12 - Passage of Time

The passage of time is unstoppable
A clock that need never be wound
To see it is just philosophical

In the fall of a leaf from a tree to the ground
Watching a moment slowly unfolding
Comes something infinite and profound

The gravity of what we are beholding
Not less in quietness than in chaos
A panicked instant - a child's scolding

Wheels stop a breathe away from a seance
Time that is burned into the heart and mind
In calm reflection or emotion's embrace

Ever forward, but held inside,
Each of us marking a chronicle
The pages of our face to be lined

Poem 11 - Pain

A sign of sadness - tears falling fast
Because it hurts when things do not last
Whatever we did, whatever they hid
Pain is not forgetful of the past

Poem 10 - When Will High School End?

When does high school end, I wonder?
When will the drama begin to slumber?
Did I summon this drama myself?
Would things be easier if I were an elf?
Why does each hit feel like thunder?

Can stirring up emotions be a kind of plunder?
Will hurting someone else tear your heart asunder?
When do we stop lying to ourself?
When does high school end?

Is there a spell that we're all under?
Is it a cosmic human blunder?
Can we leave drama upon the shelf?
Can we each be true to ourself
Without putting another under?
When will high school end?

Poem 9 - Not Yet

It is best to let go
But I'm not there yet
If there's one thing I know:
It is best to let go
Say goodbye, and don't fret
When it's gone, there's no threat
It is best to let go
But I'm not there yet

Poem 8 - Crack

My bed is warm
Open eyes blink
Rest. just a little more, please
Now I must rise
It's time to get started
New light through the window
Getting today started

Poem 7 - Not My Palley

There are some things I don't comprehend:
Universal mysteries, my child's moods,
The actions of an inconsistent friend

A broken bond takes time to mend
It can't be simply patched and glued
There are some things I don't comprehend

If you think you're right and will not bend
Will you another's point of view include?
The actions of an inconsistent friend

Say the right words and pretend -
Those things will not fix the feud
There are some things I don't comprehend

Do you care, the bridge to mend?
Or just to preserve how you are viewed?

Poem 6 - Instead, I Create

The hour grows late
And I should be in bed
Instead, I create

Tiredness awaits
My eyes within my head
The hour grows late

My unwillingness I restate
The clock fills me with dread
Instead, I create

I contemplate
What brings this stead?
The hour grows late

Thoughts with staggering gait
And convoluted tread
Instead, I create

Resting is my fate
Blinking, blue turns red
The hour grows late
Instead, I create


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Poetry | NaPoWriMo 2014 - Poem 15 - Truth In Advertising

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