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Chapter 15: Claudia and the Roman - Part 2

Part 2

Vita was a pleasant conversationalist; subtle in both mind and movement. Quite the opposite of his slave. I went to look in on Diamantina after Vita had departed, both she and Cloelie lay naked, exhausted, and sweating in the crumpled bed clothes of the largest room, save mine.

“Go,” I said, “wash. Vita will be coming again tomorrow, and if he brings Fabricius again you will have to find some way to entertain him that won’t make you sleep the day away. I need you two alert in the daylight.”

Chapter 6: Playtime for Claudia Antonia - Part 2

I chuckled at Decentius’ retort. I was beginning to like this man, despite his cold exterior; he was fun to play with. “I believe I have mentioned it. Bring our line, Signore Umbrae’s line, to greatnes.” I sat with my hands on my lap, and crossed my legs causing my decorated sandals to jingle. So much for appearing demure.

Rome - the TV show

I'm curious how many folks have seen Rome, the TV show version? Or the DVD set, I suppose. It was on here (Canada) on History channel twice a day last year. I found it amusing because the version that was on at noon was edited to be suitable for 14+ whereas the 10pm version was R, or mature. At anyrate, the noon version had some edited dialogue and missed a few scenes. You know which ones. Eye-wink

Reading - Cicero by Anthony Everitt

I grabbed a little Roman reading on our last outing to the library. It's called Cicero - The life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician by Anthony Everitt. I'm only into Chapter 1, but I've already learned the word for the roman upper middle class - equities. That's good because I'm really reading it for period information, not because I'm super keen on Cicero or politics.

So, if any of you Intrepid Readers have suggestions of good books - fact or fiction - about ancient Rome or Greece, or even more specifically Sicily (those are hard to find), pass them on, please!


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Teaser for this week:
I decided to take it as a compliment, it would help keep me from beating Antonius where he stood.

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